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Professional Surface Restoration
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Ceramic Tile Refinishing
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Beautiful tile is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into
any kitchen or bathroom.  Tile can tell the story of your home, but are
your tiles saying the wrong thing?  The only thing outdated, and 
chipped or cracked tiles say is "I need help".  Thankfully, there is help 
for your hopeless tile issues...without the substantial cost of replacement.  

Why waste your time and money with messy remodeling? Ceramic tile 
refinishing can turn your ugly tile into the showcase it was meant to be.  
By choosing one of our wide range of refinishing options, you will not only
save yourself time and money, but you will also get that beautiful 
new look you wanted.

Outdated  ~  Ugly  ~  Chipped or Cracked  ~  Discolored Grout  ~  Missing Grout
Are you concerned about mildew and discoloration in your grout lines?  Another great benefit of having 
your tile refinished by Baker Resurfacing is that you 
no longer have to worry about those grout lines.  

Once the tile has been cleaned and etched, Baker Resurfacing will spread a thin layer of grout over your existing grout lines.
This fills in any cracked grout and gives a uniform look.  
Once dry and cleaned again, we apply our specially formulated primer and the finish of your choosing. 

The finished product is a beautiful glossy finish that 
permanently seals your grout lines, 
eliminating any need to seal or scrub them again.

Baker Resurfacing is happy to offer you the choice of either our traditional solid colors of whitebone or biscuit 
(custom colors available upon request), or any one of our
beautiful stone finishes for your tile restoration. 
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Multi-Color Finishes
Eco-Friendly & VOC Compliant

Services We Offer:

Residential & Commercial

Bathtub Refinishing

Shower Pan Refinishing

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Fiberglass Refinishing

Countertop Refinishing

Sink Refinishing

Non-Slip Surfaces

Chip & Crack Repair

Discolored & Missing Grout
Sparkling New Finish!
Dated Color
Modern Look
Ugly Tub & Unmatched Tile
Bone Tub with Sandstone Tile
Bone Tub with Sandstone Tile
Almond Crust
Beach Sand
Desert Bone
Glacier White
Mesa Stone
Midnight Sky
River Rock
White Vein
Give Baker Resurfacing a call today and find out just how affordable your new kitchen or bathroom can be!
Ceramic tile reglazing is a durablecost-effective and attractive solution to your home makeover needs.  Baker Resurfacing uses only the highest quality refinishing materials to provide you with a superior long term finish, which gives our company the edge in both customer satisfaction and value.
Ugly Tile makes any bathroom look bad.
Clean, modern colors can transform your bathroom.
Tile counters contain porous, bacteria filled grout lines.
Grout lines are now sealed & the tile is given an updated look.
If your tile is outdated, resurfacing is a durable and inexpensive option.
A new showroom look, for a fraction of replacement costs.